1.  CONSUMER'S RIGHT TO CANCELLATION.  YOU MAY CANCEL THIS CONTRACT WITHOUT ANY PENALTY OR FURTHER OBLIGATION AT ANY TIME.  Notice of cancellation shall be provided in writing by Buyer using the Membership Maintenance form on the website. All monies paid pursuant to such cancellation shall NOT be refunded. The membership will be extended to the Buyer until the day prior to the following scheduled recurring payment date. Upon sending written notice of cancellation, no additional charges will be posted to the Buyer's card.


2.  RULES, REGULATIONS, AND SCHEDULES: Member agrees to abide by all staff requests and regulations, which may be posted or issued orally, and which may be amended from time to time, at Fair Folks' staff sole discretion.


3.  PROOF OF MEMBERSHIP: No one will be allowed membership benefits, including but not limited to complimentary beverages, discounts on product, and invitation to member events, without providing Identification indicating a matching membership account.


4.  INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: From time to time we may make available to members and their guests the services of independent contractors. We do not warrant or guarantee the quality of these services and do not guarantee that these services will remain available to Members or their guests for any period of time, and hereby disclaim all liability arising out of such services.


5.  GUESTS: Member's guests are permitted and welcomed in any Fair Folks location, as is the general public, but only pursuant to such rules, regulations, fees, and schedules for such guest as may then be in effect. Services, discounts and other promotions implied by purchase of the membership does not entitle guests of Members to such services, discounts and promotions.


6.  TRANSFERS OF MEMBERSHIP: Membership may not be transferred.


7.  BUYER'S OBLIGATIONS: No deduction from any payments shall be made because of Member's failure to use the facilities. Member dues are for the period of time indicated and are in no way related to actual usage of the benefits.


8.  ENTIRE AGREEMENT: Except for the rules, regulations and schedules posted at Fair Folks or issued orally by Fair Folks from time to time at its discretion, all of which are incorporated into this agreement, this contract constitutes the entire and exclusive agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereto and supersedes any oral or other written understanding. This contract only may be modified in writing executed by a duly authorized representative of Fair Folks. Employees are not authorized to make any independent agreements with any Member/Buyer.


9.  RECURRING PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Members' credit cards used for joining will be charged on a recurring basis each month, 30 days following their past payment made. If any credit card charge payable to Fair Folks is not honored, Management will terminate the account and make attempts to contact said Member two (2) times in order to return the account to good standing for their convenience.  


10.  VALUABLES AND PERSONAL PROPERTY: Members are urged to avoid bringing valuables onto club premises. FairFolks shall not be liable for the loss of or theft of, or damage to, the personal property of member or guests, including items left unattended, with the coat check during events or elsewhere on the premises.


11.  PRODUCT PURCHASES and TICKET SALES: All sales of product are non-refundable, though we do offer exchange within seven (7) days. 


12.  PRICING: Fair Folks reserves the right to increase the monthly fee and will provide 30 days' notice to all Members regarding any such change in pricing.


13.  REVOCATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Fair Folks reserves the right to revoke and cancel this membership at any time for any reason, in which case Buyer/Member will, no later than fifteen (15) days after such cancellation, receive a refund of all monies paid pursuant to this Agreement, provided that Seller may retain expenses incurred or the portion of the total price of this Agreement representing the services used or completed, and provided further, that Seller may demand the reasonable cost of goods and services which the Buyer/Member has consumed or wishes to retain after cancellation.


14. LIMITATIONS TO MEMBERSHIP: Fair Folks and all staff reserves the right to limit use of the membership if they determine abuse of the benefits offered. Each membership provides beverages for one (1) individual only, as well as discounts of purchases on select items, which are determined on a product by product basis and will not apply to all items available for sale. In addition, invitations to special events do not include guests, unless otherwise noted.


15.  WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Member assumes full responsibility for his or her use of the facility and releases Fair Folks from any and all claims, including those caused in whole or in part, by the negligence of Fair Folks and shall indemnify Fair Folks, its affiliates, agents and employees against any and all liability arising out of use of the facilities.


16.  COMPLIMENTARY ITEMS: Complimentary items (including, but not limited to food samples, gift bags at events, invitations to events, complimentary gift cards or other promotional items) may be distributed at the discretion of Fair Folks and have no cash value. Only members with an active account in good standing may redeem complimentary items in accordance with their terms and complimentary items become null and void upon termination or expiration of membership for any reason.