1. Tell us about yourself Phebe?

Hi, I’m an Australian Artist. My real name is Phebe Starr. My mum always hated the ‘O’ in Pheobe so she left it out. I grew up in a small isolated town on the east coast of Australia. The town is known for its potatoes. We had to make our own fun as kids 'cause there was nothing to do. We created fun. My mum is a bit of a hippy and my dad was a sheep sheerer. 

2. How long have you been playing music?

I’ve been playing music forever. I started writing songs as soon as I could speak. It was always natural. We always had guitars lying around and I would dabble on them but for me I was attracted to the piano and synthetic noises, something about it really excited me. My mum bought a 2nd hand old Yamaha keyboard when I was about 8. I had no music teacher or instructions but in a way that was freeing because I did whatever I wanted to do. I would spend weeks sitting near our stereo system cutting up old cassette tapes, recording improve performances to the classical radio station and experimenting with noises.  I look back on those times as really influential in how I make music today. I always start with the idea or emotion and try and find a noise or tool to help convey what I am feeling and to tell the story.

3. What can people expect from your new music?

The new music are electronic classic songs with orchestral elements. The E.P was mainly recorded on laptops across the world. We used Albeton and heap of plug ins and went back and forth collaborating until the songs started to form. I added anything I thought would sound cool. One of my friends sent me an iphone recording of a flute jam while she was in Bali and we sampled it and put it in a track. Once the songs started to develop I got together with one of the main collaborators, Rob Ellmore and we recorded huge Drums, orchestral percussion and harp in franks Sinatra’s old studio space. It really brought the whole body of work together. It was an amazing process.

4. What do you love most about Fair Folks & a Goat?

Fair Folks & a Goat is something I am excited about. As an Artist I value community and places that give back to communities. Giving back to people is important and I love that that is the mission of Fair Folks.

5. Why are you excited to play here?

I love meeting people one on one. I much prefer to get to know the people I’m sharing my music with then just to see them as a number in a crowd. Creating a limited space to performance changes the dynamics of a performance. It turns a show into an experience that we can all share. The last thing I am trying to achieve with my music is perfection and idolisation. I want to meet people, make friends and be part of a community of people who are excited about the things that I am excited about. This is going to be awesome!

Paste Magazine premiered Phebe’s new single “Feel My Love,” on Monday! Check it out here: